Here are a few testimonials from our Facebook page:

J. Grant:  Thank you Donna Lester Gunn for our Rossiter stretch late last night.  Both of us walked in aching/hurting and yet we both left feeling sooooo much better esp my neck/shoulder and well, lower back too!  You're the best!


E. Cory:  I know Donna is a miracle worker.  I couldn't move my neck and my shoulders hurt so bad I could barely stand it.  Thirty minutes later I was almost as good as new.  She just knows what to do to make the pain stop!


S. Kepley:  Thank you Donna Lester Gunn for emergency therapy today on my back.  I also used the heating pad when I got home and I feel so much better!! Will be scheduling another session just as soon as you can work me in!! Thank you, thank you!!


K. Wall:  Great massage; my back and shoulders feel much better!


W. West:  Thanks to Donna Lester Gunn and her amazing talents as massage therapist!  After just one session yesterday, the back and sciatic pain that I've been experiencing for the last two weeks has become manageable.  Donna's expert analysis, caregiving, and recommendations for home stretching techniques will no doubt continue to help my problematic pain.  I unequivocally endorse Donna's skills, and I hold her expertise in the highest regard.


N. Lee:  I have traveled many places and received many massages, but once again, a massage from the one and only The Green Door Massage & Bodywork Studio owned by Donna Lester Gunn was the best.  She is a wonderful, caring, spirited, loving, passionate, and amazingly knowledgeable.  I will definitely be back!!!!  I suggest "The Green Door" to any person in North Carolina!  If I had to drive three hours to get there, I would do it.  It's amazing and its worth every penny.  Mrs. Gunn, Thank you so much for what you do.  I'm blessed to be a customer of "The Green Door Massage & Bodywork Studio."


C. Bauman:  Absolutely, by far the best massage ever, and at an Oh So reasonable price!! Every one "kneeds"  a massage from "The Green Door."  Think I'll call and make an appointment for one right now.


S. McIntyre:  After suffering from debilitating tennis elbow pain, as well as general stiffness in my joints, I made an appointment to see Donna.  After ONE session involving Rossiter stretching followed by a relaxing massage, I am happy to report my pain level has dramatically decreased, and my stiffness disappeared.  Highly recommended!  Clean, professional setting...fair pricing...VERY knowledgeable.  Can't say enough positive!


C. Ryals:  Donna is an amazing massage therapist  We live in Floriday, and she is on my "must see" list when we arrive in North Carolina!  Very professional and love the experience.


B. Martin:  I have been a loyal client for a few years.  I've experienced the Rossiter and the deep tissue.  The expertise Donna brings will make you a loyal customer and client.  Relaxing environment and very beneficial treatment.  I give Donna and Green Door Massage as many stars as can be given.


P. Wilson:  I highly recommend The Green Door Massage & Bodywork Studio!!! I would go every week if I could.  I seriously leave feeling like an entirely new person.  Donna even came in especially for me when I needed her to work on a pulled muscle in my back.  


T. Mitchell:  Had my first massage yesterday by Donna and it was great!


C. Shoaf:  I don't understand it, but i go in hurting and come out feeling so much better.


M. Williams:  Donna is the best!  I always feel like a Million bucks when I'm done!


B. Glass:  If anyone out there suffers from back pain you MUST call Donna!  I was in bed all weekend, I couldn't even barely walk, Donna came over and did her magic on me, it's called Rossiter, and within minutes I was up walking again.  I recommend her any day over a chirpractor.  Donna Gunn at The Green Door Massage gets an A+ from this patient.